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Pia provides therapy consultations for adolescents and adults using evidenced based therapeutic approaches for a range of difficulties including those stemming from psychological, emotional and physical health issues. Pia is a board approved psychological supervisor for Health psychologists, general psychologists and psychologists completing the 4+2 and 5+1 pathways.
Pia provides ADHD and Autism assessments, as well as educational and cognitive assessments for adolescents and adults.


Pia is a board approved psychological supervisor

ADHD and Autism Assessments

Pia provides ADHD and Autism assessments for adolescents and adults.

Telehealth and Face to Face Services

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Adjustment to Life Transitions

Grief, Loss and Trauma

Relationship Difficulties

Mood Disorders

Life transition and repeating same patterns of behaviour/ coping

Self-Esteem issues


Obsessive Compulsive Behaviours

Sleep Management


Health and Wellness

Other difficulties

Attention Deficits Disorders (ADHD)

Post - Traumatic Stress (following traumatic events)

Eating Disorders such as binge eating and bulimia

Pia can provide various assessments for teens and adults. The results of such assessments can be used as part of funding applications for the NDIS, to help determine strengths and weaknesses in information processing, and explore possible learning difficulties.

Please note that the results of any assessment cannot be guaranteed to lead to funding, support or any other such outcomes.

Please also be advised that Pia does not write medico legal reports.

What Types Of Concerns Can Be Identified
With These Assessments?

Learning Difficulties

Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder ADHD



Differentiating anxiety and other mental health conditions

What’s Involved In The Assessment?

The assessment process often takes many hours, spanning over multiple sessions. A general framework is below:

Background session/s

One to two sessions with the client and/or parent discussing a developmental history, clearly define the purpose of the assessment, and determine the plan for assessment


One to two sessions administering the selected assessments. This will vary depending on the assessments chosen for the person and can range between 2 and 6hrs in total

Assessment scoring and report preparation. (up to 6 hours)

A tailored report and list of recommendations that are specific to you or your child’s needs.

Feedback session

One session devoted to providing a summary of results and recommendations, and release of report.

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